Best Valentine’s Gifts for Every Loved One on Your List

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Every Loved One on Your List

While Valentine’s Day may not be everyone's cup of tea, and its negative impact on the environment cannot be ignored, there's no denying it's a sweet opportunity for celebration if we manage not to turn it into a competition for who gets the best Valentine's gifts. It's that one day dedicated to expressing love for those special folks in your life – be it a romantic partner or cherished friends and family.


The reality is that you don't have to go all crazy buying useless items for one day, because there are many alternative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day without even getting your foot in a shop. 

May as it be, if we are going to get some presents, this year, let's make it extra special by embracing a sustainable and homesteading vibe in our gift-giving. Don't limit yourself to clichéd chocolates and flowers – while those are appreciated classics, it's time to think beyond the heart-shaped box and step up our eco-friendly game.


Our curated Valentine’s Day gift guide is packed with thoughtful options, perfect for pampering your significant other, daughter, or even your entire squad of BFFs.

Ditch the last-minute drugstore candy runs and join us in elevating the art of meaningful gift-giving. Our selections will help you create an indulgent at-home spa night, plan unforgettable romantic dates, or add a sustainable twist to your culinary adventures. Let's make this Valentine's Day not only about love but also about embracing a lifestyle that cares for our planet. 💚🌿




 Surprise your gadget-loving valentine with one of the Smartgrowers from Bosch – the perfect sustainable gift to grow fresh herbs and vegetables at home effortlessly. They are compact, and sleek, and bring nature to your urban space. A modern, unique, and eco-conscious present for a green tech Valentine's Day. 🌿💚



If your loved one is the type that must always be "connected", delight them with a renewed connection to technology – gift them a Refurbished Tech Treasure from SMAAART. These smartphones and tablets, thoughtfully restored to their former glory, not only reduce electronic waste but also make for a sustainable and socially responsible Valentine's Day present. 📱💚 




You probably heard that old saying, right? And it is so true! So here are some ideas to make those bellies happy


Spice up your Valentine's Day with this curated mix of International Delicacies. Handpicked by Die Scheune Delikatessen from different countries with sustainability in mind and packed in a chic basket, the "Fantastic Gift Basket" contains all you need for a delicious meal with that special one, at home or outdoors. 




 You can also indulge your sweetheart with a selection of Organic wines, presented in a box that is great for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Ideal for a dreamy picnic date, or a night in, watching TV on the sofa, the organic wines will deliver the romantic taste of nature right to your home. 


Time to turn the temperature up a bit! Spice up your Valentine's culinary adventures with the "Alles Gute" Spice Box for Him and Spice Box for Her by Hartkorn Spices. Packed with intense flavours, these spice sets also make a positive impact on the environment. The packaging is eco-conscious, using recycled materials, and the spices are ethically sourced. By choosing this spice box, you're not just enhancing the taste of dishes but also contributing to a more sustainable kitchen.





And of course, we cannot finish this section without something sweet.

But instead of the typical chocolate box, we want to suggest something a little bit different, brought to us by Die Scheune Delikatessen:



Check out for example this Sweet Pistachio Cream. Hand-crafted with love by a small family business in Sicily, this spread lives up to its mouth-watering reputation. 

Simply spread it over some fresh bread and happiness is guaranteed! 





Let's not forget the coffee (and cake) lovers...for them, this Hawaiian Coffee Cake will just hit the spot. Presented in an elegant box,  this Baumkuchen reimagines the Japanese recipe, resulting in a softer, moister variation than traditional German Baumkuchen. Nobody can resist it! 





 If your dearest one goes crazy with fashion trends, do not falter! We have picked some cool and eco-friendly alternatives which they will love. 

Who doesn't love a cute bag? And these by Nordlicht are not only looking amazing but are also functional and kind to our planet. Whether in petrol bluedusty pink, or any other models and colours, all bags offered by Nordlicht are made from 100% organic cotton, reducing plastic use and cutting down on CO2 emissions, water and chemicals. A choice that will never disappoint! 




The saying goes: You can never have too many shoes!.

And that is true if you are making them yourself by re-purposing old jeans and fabrics!. 

That is the creative and sustainable proposition of BOTTIES, offering a huge array of DIY sets to upcycle, sew, knit or felt your own shoes. 

If your loved one is into handicrafts, look no further, because trust us, you have found the perfect gift!



We particularly love the Upcycling Denim Ballerinas and the Stitched Spardilles, but there is so much to choose from!! We are sure you will spend some time at this site 




And what about clothing...

When it comes to clothing, our first recommendation is to always opt for 2nd-hand shops like Momox Fashion. Their incredibly wide range of clothing for her and for him, makes it the ideal place if you are looking for a zero-waste Valentine's shopping experience. 




But if you are not sure if your Valentine is into 2nd hand, there are great companies where you can buy new clothes in good conscience. 


One of them is Muso Koroni, the vegan concept store since 2008. Lovely, timeless pieces to dress your loved one from head to toe, so you cannot go wrong with these choices.

Also they are friendly to our planet because they are produced with natural fibres or innovative materials such as recycled airbags. 



To finish the fashion section, we want to introduce you to Green Shirts, a company that curates top eco-fashion labels in Europe so you can adorn yourself and your loved ones with premium quality clothing that provides comfort and a positive balance on the environment. 

We particularly love their urban, trendy unisex pieces! Ideal if you like to wear matching clothes with your sweetheart! 




As we wrap up this sustainable love fest, remember, nothing says "I love you and the planet" better than a thoughtful, eco-friendly gesture or gift.

So, go ahead, ditch the clichés, embrace the green side of love, and gift something that makes both your special someone and Mother Earth swoon. Your valentine will thank you, and who knows, you might just become the hero of heart and sustainability!

Now, go forth and share the love, sustainably. Happy Green Valentine's Day, eco-warriors!" 🌿💚


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