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Smart Indoor Grower - Bosch SmartGrow 3

Smart Indoor Grower - Bosch SmartGrow 3

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Discover the future of home gardening with Bosch Smart Growers.

The Bosch SmartGrow3* is an effortless indoor gardening system designed for fresh, home-grown delights.

Embrace a hassle-free experience as the hydroponic system eliminates soil, ensuring a clean and mess-free environment for your plants to flourish. Intelligent LED lighting adapts to mimic natural conditions, providing a year-round harvest of salads, herbs, and greens.

With over 50 plant types at your fingertips, culinary exploration becomes a daily delight.

The SmartGrow app serves as your green-thumbed guide, offering tailored tips and insights. Activate rest mode during an 8-hour sleep cycle for your plants, catering to their need for rejuvenation. Maintenance is a breeze with dishwasher-safe components and a quick limescale cleaning program.

Elevate your indoor gardening journey with the Bosch SmartGrow3* —an eco-friendly, enjoyable, and efficient solution for your home.

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Durable
  • Resource Efficient
  • Pollution Reduced
  • Produced Regionally
  • Recyclable /Compostable

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Not disclosed by seller

Product Specifications

The SmartGrow is an intelligent all-in-one solution for indoor gardening from Bosch. It automatically adjusts the lighting and irrigation to the needs of the plant's respective growth phase - thanks to the patented hydroponic system and intelligent, energy-efficient LED lighting. The roots of plants are supplied with the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen from seed to harvest. This allows professional greenhouse conditions to be created, without soil and without dirty hands. Whether in winter or in the dark kitchen - fresh greens can be harvested all year round.

SmartGrow is designed for use indoors and ensures perfect growing conditions all year round. Enjoy fresh salads and herbs full of flavor and vitamins - even in winter. Seasons, weather and space problems no longer exist.

Spice up any dish and enjoy new culinary experiences. The SmartGrow is the perfect choice as it automatically takes care of watering and lighting, ensuring a healthy and sustainable harvest. The seeds are carefully selected and individually packaged in volcanic stone capsules by a non-profit organization. No pesticides, 100% natural. Safe, healthy food can be grown at home and fresh plants can be harvested at any time - without losing valuable vitamins and taste.

Discover over 50 different types of plants - from classic or exotic herbs, salads and fruits to edible flowers and microgreens with a Bosch germination guarantee. Try basil for delicious pesto, mint for fresh tea, as well as exotic varieties like bok choy for Asian dishes and edible violets to garnish your salad. Salads, edible flowers, fruit plants and herbs grow continuously for months. Get the right accessories for microgreens and grow them in just 7 days

Download the SmartGrow app today. In the app you will receive specific tips depending on the growth stage of your plants and you can discover the variety of accessories and over 50 plant species.

Plants need a break sometimes - just like you! For this reason, the SmartGrow goes into sleep mode for 8 hours after a 16-hour work day. You can set the sleep mode according to your own rhythm - once set, the device remembers the rhythm. If you are on vacation, you can activate vacation mode. This slows the growth of your plants by adjusting the amount of light and water.

The SmartGrow system is easy to clean, maintain and disassemble. The bowl, the water bowl and the plant bowl are all dishwasher safe (max. 55°C). It is recommended to wash the device components after each harvest (approximately every 3-4 months). The SmartGrow's limescale cleaning program makes the device limescale-free in just 3 minutes. This is how indoor gardening should be: easy, comfortable and clean.

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