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Kleines Kraftwerk

Photovoltaic System Plug & Play

Photovoltaic System Plug & Play

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Introducing this handpicked Plug & Play Photovoltaic System: a revolutionary addition to our shop that champions eco-living. This system isn’t just a product; it’s a statement, a commitment to slashing CO2 emissions, minimizing plastic waste, and enhancing your self-sufficiency.

Why choose this system? It’s your gateway to a greener lifestyle, simplifying renewable energy adoption without the technical hassle. While it’s a technological marvel, what truly shines is its impact on the environment. Imagine effortlessly harnessing the power of the sun, reducing your carbon footprint.

This Plug & Play system isn’t just about lighting up your home; it’s about igniting change. By embracing renewable energy, you’re not just reducing CO2, but also improving your health.

Start the journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future, one where your choices make a real difference. Let’s power our homes sustainably with Kleines Kraftwerk, reduce our carbon footprint, and build a greener tomorrow, together!

Price depends on configuration. And an extra benefit for Green Cloud Nine followers! You get a 10% discount using the code “Kraftwerk10” when clicking on one of the links in this page.

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Produced Regionally
  • Resource Efficient
  • Durable
  • Pollution Reduced

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Balkonkraftwerk Test “sehr gut” by Energiemagazin

Product Specifications

Visit supplier website for full specifications and configuration options

Available in:

  • Germany

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