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PapperlaCup Menstrual Cup Large

PapperlaCup Menstrual Cup Large

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Introducing the PapperlaCup Menstrual Cup from For Vegans, a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for our female customers, perfectly aligning with our commitment to reducing waste and supporting self-sufficient living.

This 100% vegan menstrual cup is made from medical-grade silicone, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable menstrual products. With its capacity to be reused for several years, it not only minimizes waste but also saves money in the long run.

Designed with love in Berlin and made in Germany, the PapperlaCup availabe at  For Vegans is suitable for medium to heavy bleeding, comes with a stylish organic cotton storage bag, and contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions and plastic use. Plus, it's comfortable and barely noticeable when in use.

By choosing PapperlaCup, you're not just making a personal health decision; you're participating in a sustainable movement that benefits the planet and supports fair and socially responsible cooperations.

Join us in embracing a greener, more sustainable menstrual solution with PapperlaCup!

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Produced Regionally
  • Fair & Social
  • Durable

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Vegan Founded Certification

Product Specifications

If you have previously used classic products such as tampons, pads, etc. during your period, a menstrual cup may seem a bit out of this world at first glance. But it's really worth giving it a chance. Because the PapperlaCup menstrual cup has several advantages and beams you into new menstrual spheres.

For medium to heavy bleeding.

Large menstrual cup (individually packaged!)
Instructions for use
Organic cotton bag for storage
Size: 101x50x150mm
Capacity: 26 ml (diameter: 43.5 mm)
Weight:  54g
Material:  70% organic cotton, 30% organic plastic made from corn starch

The top 5 advantages of the flying bottom cup:
- 100% medical grade silicone
- great for the environment because you can say ciao to disposable products
- comes with a super stylish storage bag
- it's nice and supple so you don't feel it at all
- good for your piggy bank because the cup can be reused for several years

Sustainable benefits:
- 100% vegan
- designed in Berlin with love
- 100% medical grade silicone
- reusable for many years
- environmentally friendly alternative to disposable items
- Made in Germany
- fair and social (50% of the profits are invested in fairstainable cooperations)

Available in:

  • EU Wide

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