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Kloster Kitchen

Ginger Shot Cure

Ginger Shot Cure

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Embark on a sustainable wellness journey with Ginger Shot Cure – your perfect reset when life gets too demanding.

In moments of stress and pressure, it's essential to realign your body and its needs. The ginger shot cure helps you establish a revitalizing routine and even supports you during fasting, providing a daily boost for both body and mind.

Rooted in an ancient monastic tradition, this Ginger Shot recipe, including real, finely chopped ginger pieces, offers an ideal alternative to coffee.

Crafted with pure organic ingredients (DE-ÖKO-006), Ginger Shot Cure from Kloster Kitchen delivers a natural, perfectly flavoured, and lightly spicy ginger shot experience in premium quality – entirely free from artificial additives.

Kickstart your day with natural energy!

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Recycled / Recyclable Packaging
  • Fair & Social

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • American Vegan Society Certified
  • Certified Organic (DE-ÖKO-006)
  • EU Organic Label

Product Specifications

**Our Ginger Shot Cure.**

**Perfect for the reset in between!**

Sometimes it's just too much. Too much stress, too much work, too much pressure. A reset is really good for you. Time again to focus on the essentials, your body and what it needs. With our ginger shot cure we help you to establish a routine and support you during your fasting cure. Our shots give your body and mind the daily boost to really get going!

Just like fasting, our Ginger Shot recipe is based on an ancient monastic tradition - the ideal combination! For example, you can use our Ginger Shots as a morning wake-up drink instead of the usual coffee during the fast to start the day full of energy: real, finely chopped ginger pieces included!

Pure organic ingredients (Organic inspection body DE-ÖKO-006) let all our products become what you want them to be: a natural, perfectly flavoured and lightly spicy ginger shot highlight in premium quality - completely without artificial additives!

**Contents (42 shots)**

- 11x 1 SHOT [Classic]( 30 ml
- 10x 1 SHOT [Turmeric]( 30 ml
- 11x 1 SHOT [Pomegranate]( 30 ml
- 10x 1 SHOT [Pineapple]( 30 ml

Available in:

  • EU Wide
  • Switzerland

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