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DIY Starter Set - Knitting & Felting Wool Slippers

DIY Starter Set - Knitting & Felting Wool Slippers

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The ultimate warmth wrapped in sustainability for our homesteading sustainable-living shop! These DIY Wool Slippers by BOTTIES are more than just cosy; they're crafted from 100% virgin wool, ensuring unbeatable warmth while aligning perfectly with our eco-friendly mission.

What makes these sleepers special? They're a sustainable choice designed to keep your feet toasty without compromising our planet. With a focus on homesteading, reducing CO2 and minimizing plastic, these woollen wonders offer comfort while promoting eco-conscious living.

Their simplicity is their charm! Whether knitting them yourself or caring for them, it's as easy as knit, wash, and you're done! But beyond their technical aspects, these booties represent a step towards self-sufficiency. They provide warmth while encouraging a sustainable lifestyle, allowing you to embrace homesteading practices in a cosy and eco-friendly way.

By choosing these woollen fire booties from BOTTIES - shoes, you are stepping into warmth, also you are supporting our commitment to reducing environmental impact. Stay warm sustainably, one step at a time!


Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Durable
  • Recyclable /Compostable
  • Produced Regionally
  • Fair & Social

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Not disclosed by seller

Product Specifications

Unbeatably warm: felt botties made from 100% virgin wool. Knit – wash – done 🙂

Note: The felt shoe is bulky on the inside due to its volume, which is why we recommend choosing a shoe size larger. This does not apply to children's feet: please choose the "real" size here.

Yarn: Wash+Filz-it from Schachenmayr
Consumption for 1 pair of shoes:
Kids XXS - M: 2 balls
Kids L, XL and Adults XXS-S: 3 balls
Adults S+ - XL: 4 balls

In this step, please make sure you have the correct number of balls so that you do not order too little yarn for your size.

Zero lap yarn
To connect to the sole you need our tear-resistant "zero round yarn". A 14 meter unit is sufficient for a pair of botties.

Leather look label (optional)
Our soles come with black Botties woven labels. Our labels in a light brown leather look, which you can optionally order, are particularly chic.

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