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Die Scheune Delikatessen

Delicatessen gift basket "Fantastic"

Delicatessen gift basket "Fantastic"

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At our sustainable-living shop, we're thrilled to offer the Gourmet Gift Basket Fantastic, curated with a fantastic mix of international delicacies. But this isn't just about great taste – it's about reducing waste and supporting sustainability too!

The food selection focuses on eco-friendly, top-quality products from various countries, all packed in a chic basket by Die Scheune Delicatessen. From organic gourmet sauces to award-winning fruit spreads and cold-pressed oils, every item is handpicked with sustainability in mind. By choosing products that champion ethical sourcing and reduced packaging, like our coffee beans from Cambodia or Uganda and 100% natural aromas, we're not just gifting deliciousness, but also supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

This gourmet basket is a delight for taste buds but also aligns with our mission of reducing plastic, celebrating international flavours and cultural diversity. Give the gift of gourmet goodness and sustainable living with this fantastic gourmet gift basket!

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Handmade / Made to order
  • Produced Regionally

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Not disclosed by seller

Product Specifications

In a chic gourmet gift basket Die Scheune Delicatessen put together a fine selection of our delicacies from Germany, Italy, France, Greece and Cambodia or Uganda.

This gourmet gift basket contains:

- 1 x Gourmet Coffee – 250g from Cambodia or Uganda (beans)
- 2 x dried fruits or nuts – 100g with hand-stirred chocolate. We choose from: almonds in milk chocolate, coconut cubes in milk chocolate, fruits and nuts in white chocolate, cashew nuts in dark chocolate
- 1x chocolate rose thaler, 30g
- 1 x organic gourmet sauce, 145ml,  selected from the varieties mango-pomegranate and Caesars
- 1 x Gourmet fruit spread 130 - 200g, award-winning fruit spreads selected from over 20 varieties such as Christmas, Cola Vanilla, Goji Berry, Cherry Cola
- 1 x Dolopia fruit spread, 280g selected from the following varieties: Apricot with orange and mint, sour cherry with citrus, award-winning strawberry fruit spread with pepper and mint, award-winning orange jam, cherry fruit spread with lemon verbena, sweet orange fruit spread with chocolate, lemon jam with olive oil
- 1 x Dolopia pasta 360 g or 500g selected from: different types of rice dough, Fleckerl, tagliatelle, plaits
- 1 x Paté from Sicily 90g selected from: wild fennel, artichokes with almonds, green olives, tomatoes and pistachios
- 1 x basil pesto from Sicily 90g
- 1 x cold-pressed oil 250ml selected from coconut rapeseed oil, wild garlic, mustard oil, garlic, lemon, orange, chilli pepper, sesame, Mediterranean
- 1 x blood orange balm vinegar preparation, 250ml
- 1 x homemade egg noodles 500g selected from varieties such as spaetzle, egg noodles in shapes such as snails, croissants, spirals, curls, rolled noodles
- 1 x premium fruit syrup 237ml selected from varieties such as apple, peach, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, pumpkin, raspberry
- 1 x mustard from Bavaria 200ml selected from varieties such as wild garlic, figs, honey, cinnamon, rose petals, mango, chili ginger
- 1 x pepper or salt 60g - 200g selected from: Kampot pepper, Tasmanian pepper, long pepper, Yuki Shio, bamboo salt, Hawaiian salt
- 1 x 100% natural aroma - 5ml selected from: 20 different varieties such as basil, onion, mandarin, lemon, bergamot
- 1 x spice 25g - 80g selected from varieties such as porterhouse steak, Americo grill, speculoos, gingerbread

Available in:

  • EU Wide
  • Switzerland
  • Norway

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