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Annie Sloan – Paint & Varnish Starter Set

Annie Sloan – Paint & Varnish Starter Set

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Don’t throw away those old chairs!! Discover the Annie Sloan Starter Set Paint & Varnish, your gateway to sustainable and vibrant furniture transformations, now with an exclusive 10% discount!

Annie Sloan's diverse colour world, full of possibilities for revamping furniture, floors, kitchens, and more. Unleash your creativity across 11-13 square meters with this set, ideal for heavily used surfaces like tables, floors, and stairs.

This comprehensive set includes a litre of Annie Sloan chalk paint of your choice, a Melflair large flat brush and sponge roller, and 750ml of varnish (available in matte or glossy finish) for that perfect seal.

These high-quality chalk paints from Melflair offer effortless application, no sanding or priming needed, emitting a pleasant odour suitable for indoor painting. This will allow you to rescue old furniture and turn them into something exceptionally unique.

Environmentally friendly and water-based, these paints deliver exceptional coverage among 45 beautiful shades, allowing easy mixing for personalized tones. Those old pieces of furniture will thank you!!

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Female Owned
  • Pollution Reduced
  • Resource Efficient
  • Recycled / Recyclable Packaging

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • A+ (i.e. highest possible) EU indoor air rating - Sustainability | Annie Sloan

Product Specifications

Annie Sloan **Starter Set Paint & Varnish – now with a 10% discount** on all selected products.

Our Annie Sloan sets have it all! The sets are a great introduction to Annie Sloan's beautiful world of colors and contain everything you need for your project. With our packages you will find a nice introduction to the great colors with which you can easily and happily decorate your furniture, stairs, floors, kitchens and everything else.

Start your own project now with our starter sets!

The paint & varnish starter set includes:

- 1 liter of Annie Sloan chalk paint of your choice
- 1 Melflair flat brush in size L
- 1 Melflair sponge roller
- 750ml varnish (matt or glossy) for sealing

Optionally you can also choose the following products with a 10% discount:

- 7 replacement rollers (suitable for Melflair & Annie Sloan sponge rollers)
- 1 flat brush in size S

The range of this set is approx. 11-13 square meters.

This paint set is particularly suitable for sealing heavily used surfaces such as table tops, floors and stairs. For surfaces and furniture subject to normal wear and tear, we recommend the [Paint & Wax Starter Set]( .

**Why choose Annie Sloan colors for your furniture:**

There are many reasons why you should use high-quality Annie Sloan chalk paints for furniture.

- As a rule, prior sanding or priming is not necessary
- The pleasant smell means it can also be painted indoors
- All colors are water-based, environmentally friendly and offer very strong coverage
- The entire color palette consists of 45 colors in beautiful nuances
- All colors can easily be mixed together if necessary
- You can simply rework (sand) the colors to create a shabby or vintage style
- The additional individuality of the finishes means your creative scope is simply enormous
- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a branded product that has been manufactured and continually improved for over 30 years

Available in:

  • Germany

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