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Big Green Smile

Odylique Bestsellers Beauty Gift Box

Odylique Bestsellers Beauty Gift Box

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Hey there!

Get ready to dive into the world of sustainable cosmetics with this amazing Organic Beauty Gift Box. This isn't just any gift box; it's a treasure chest from Odylique, and available at Big Green Smile. Packed with seven sensational, trial-sized natural skincare goodies, each product is kind to your skin and our planet.

Every item, including the Creamy Coconut Cleanser and the Gentle Herb Shampoo, champions plastic-free living. Embracing this homesteading and sustainable lifestyle means reducing CO2 emissions, saying no to plastic, and increasing self-sufficiency.

Each product in the Organic Beauty Gift Box, from the Timeless Rose Moisturizer to the Superfruit Concentrate Sample, showcases Big Green Smile's commitment to healthy, organic living. These items are more than just skincare products; they represent a commitment to your values.

And here's more good news: all these products come in recyclable packaging and are certified to Soil Association organic standards. That means every time you use them, you're not just caring for your skin, you're taking a stand against pollution and supporting sustainable farming.

Try it now and embark on a journey towards self-sufficiency and eco-friendliness. This gift box isn't just a boon for your skin; it's a significant step towards a greener, happier earth.

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Cruelty Free
  • Organic
  • Recycled / Recyclable Packaging

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Cruelty-Free International Certification
  • Soil Association Certified

Product Specifications

Our organic beauty gift box contains seven trial sizes of our most popular and award-winning natural skin, body and hair care products.

1 x Calming Rose Super Tonic 5ml

1 x Coconut Candy Scrub - 20g

1 x Creamy Coconut Cleanser 30ml

1 x Gentle Herb Shampoo 20ml

1 x Timeless Rose Moisturiser 15ml

1 x Superfruit Concentrate Sample

1 x Ultra Rich Balm 20g

We believe a true skin tonic deserves a renaissance. It is a multifunctional skin care product that not only works to cleanse and gently balance the skin's natural acid mantle, but also as a soothing moisturizer that can completely replace a separate moisturizer in warm weather.

Coconut Candy Scrub - A deeply exfoliating and luxurious organic body scrub made from cane sugar that achieves exceptional results and is suitable for even the most demanding skin.

Creamy Coconut Cleanser - Our organic facial cleanser is gentle but highly effective. The skin-nourishing, creamy blend of extra virgin olive and coconut oils gently but thoroughly removes makeup, blemishes and airborne dirt.

Gentle Herbal Shampoo - This herbal shampoo naturally restores shine and vitality to even the most sensitive scalp. A 100% natural, vegan, certified organic shampoo - the first shampoo approved by the Soil Association. It is rich in organic botanical ingredients and coconut oil that nourishes the scalp.

Timeless Rose Moisturizer - A luxurious, antioxidant rose day cream with soothing and regenerating organic rose. This natural moisturizer is great for sensitive skin and may also be suitable for rosacea-prone skin.

Superfruit Concentrate Sample - This organic facial oil is a blend of 100% organic rosehip oil, sea buckthorn and pomegranate, which form an exceptional synergy of 5 omega fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins and nature's wonder phytosterols to combat dry skin and all aspects of skin aging .

Ultra Rich Balm - Provides intense moisture for very dry and eczema-prone skin. Ultra Rich Balm supports the skin's natural barrier function and helps protect it from the drying effects of heat, cold and wind without clogging pores. Features: - Suitable for vegetarians - 100% natural. The organic content varies between 70% and 100% depending on the product

All products are certified to Soil Association organic standards - Recyclable packaging

Available in:

  • Austria
  • Germany

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