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Pickapooh Organic virgin wool mittens for baby and children

Pickapooh Organic virgin wool mittens for baby and children

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Elevate your child's winter wardrobe with Pickapooh's German-crafted baby and children's gloves.

Made from organic virgin wool (kbT) and pure organic cotton (kbA), these gloves offer unbeatable warmth and comfort. The thoughtful design includes an adjustable Velcro closure, a safety band, and a high waistband for added protection.

Pickapooh's German-crafted baby and children's gloves from Hans Natur commitment to sustainability shines through, ensuring your little one stays warm while treading lightly on the planet.

Discover the perfect blend of quality, style, and eco-consciousness with Pickapooh's fashion made for children. Your little ones deserve the best, and with Pickapooh's German-crafted baby and children's gloves, you can be confident in providing them with warmth, comfort, and style.

Available in different sizes and colours.

Ideal to combine with Pickapooh's Triangular Scarf AND Pickapooh's children's hat

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Organic
  • Durable
  • Pollution Reduced
  • Produced Regionally
  • Fair & Social
  • Natural Ingredients

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified
  • Gruener Knopf Certified
  • EU Organic Label

Product Specifications

Great gloves for babies and children from Pickapooh

The small mittens from Pickapooh are a worthwhile purchase for every little adventurer. Outside made of walled organic virgin wool (kbT) and inside with a fine jersey lining made of pure organic cotton (kbA) you keep the hands of your offspring wonderfully warm and ensure a pleasant wearing comfort. With the size 1, the additional thumb is dispensed with for the **baby glove**, so that it is easier to put on. A practical Velcro fastener ensures a great fit. A safety band connects both **gloves**. This can be wonderfully pulled through the jacket and snowsuit and then ensures that the little **fauts** are not lost so quickly.

- Size 1 without thumb, from size 2 with thumb
- With band and Velcro
- Made in Germany
- Velcro closure for more hold
- Skin-friendly, breathable and water-repellent

Walked organic virgin wool (kbT) - the solution for the cold season

The material used by Pickapooh for the mittens is excellent for winter clothing of all kinds. Resistant, robust and wonderfully warming, on the other hand breathable, moisture-regulating and skin-friendly. The lining of the baby and children's gloves is made of fine jersey, which was made of pure organic cotton (kbA). The pleasantly soft material lies gently on the skin and ensures excellent wearing comfort.

Pickapooh - Fashion made for children

Pickapooh is not only known for the processing of pure natural materials such as organic cotton (kbA) and organic virgin wool (kbT), but also for the small details that make the cute hats, scarves and gloves for children so well-fitting. For example, the small gloves only have an additional thumb from size 2, so that it is easier to put on the matts with the very small ones. So that the mittens are not lost, they are connected to each other with a safety band. This can be pulled wonderfully through the jacket, so that the small gloves stay where they are needed. An adjustable Velcro fastener ensures the perfect hold.

Important note

Use only under supervision because in case of improper use there may be a risk of stranglement by the safety tape. For safety reasons, therefore, always pull the band through the clothes of your offspring or remove it if there is no permanent need for it.

Details about the baby and children's gloves

- High waistband protects hand and forearm from snow and moisture
- Moisture regulating
- No sweating
- Easy to put on and take off
- Particularly soft jersey lining
- Keeps small children's hands wonderfully warm

Hand wash

This piece of laundry can only be cleaned by hand wash in cold or lukewarm water. Please avoid temperature fluctuations of the water as well as wringing and rubbing the piece of laundry.

Textile labelling

- Upper material: 100% virgin wool
- Lining: 100% cotton

Available in:

  • EU Wide

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