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Children hair gel without sulfates, dyes or silicones - 50ml

Children hair gel without sulfates, dyes or silicones - 50ml

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Children hair gel is free from artificial colours, silicones, or sulfates, reflecting our commitment to prioritizing children's health. With an emphasis on ease, the hair cream is designed for effortless combing, allowing your child's creativity to run wild without sticking or pulling.

Proudly MADE IN GERMANY & VEGAN, these products have full control over quality, using moisturizing carnauba wax in a 100% animal-free and vegan formula. Suitable for every hair type, the subtly coconut-scented styling paste ensures perfect hold throughout the day, making it an economical choice with one jar lasting a long time. Committed to high standards and love for our children, Nouni uses only the finest quality ingredients.

Make hairstyling a breeze and prioritize your child's well-being with this Kids' Styling Gel – a perfect blend of health-consciousness and high-quality care! Try it now!

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Produced Regionally
  • Pollution Reduced

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Not disclosed by seller

Product Specifications

- **STYLING GEL FOR KIDS:** Our products are specifically designed for kids' delicate hair, as we work without artificial colors, silicones, or sulfates. We place the utmost importance on our children's health!
- **NO RESIDUES OR STICKING**: The hair cream is easy to comb out without leaving any residue. Let your child's creativity run wild and restyle their hair anytime without sticking or pulling.
- **MADE IN GERMANY & VEGAN:** We produce our products exclusively in Germany so we have full control over their quality. The hair wax contains moisturizing carnauba wax and is 100% animal-free and vegan.
- **FOR EVERY HAIR TYPE:** Whether straight, short, long, fine or curly hair - the subtly coconut-scented styling paste gives your child's hairstyle perfect hold all day long. Extremely economical: one jar lasts a long time!
- **QUALITY INGREDIENTS:** We only use high-quality ingredients to meet our high standards - because we love our children!

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