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Die Scheune Delikatessen

Rose garden gift basket

Rose garden gift basket

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Indulge in the beauty and charm of our Rose Garden Gift Basket from Die Scheune Delikatessen, a unique offering that transcends the ordinary gifts category. While red roses consistently bring joy and happiness, this curated basket is designed to be an original and thoughtful gift, breaking away from the routine of traditional gifting.

Crafted with care, the Rose Garden Gift Basket is a delightful ensemble of the exquisite rose delicacies. From the fine Munich balsamic vinegars to the award-winning strawberry-rose fruit spread, each item in the basket is a testament to the diversity found in a vibrant rose garden. Rose petal chocolate and rose truffles add a touch of warmth to every woman's heart, making this basket perfect for special occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine's Day.

With deep symbolism, the Rose Garden Gift Basket deviates from the standard, offering extraordinary joy and surprise. The basket, beautifully arranged, is a true celebration of German craftsmanship and the finest ingredients. Each product is made in Germany, ensuring quality and authenticity.

Share the love and joy encapsulated in the Rose Garden Gift Basket, a memorable and meaningful gift for your loved ones on special occasions like wedding anniversaries, Mother's Day, or birthdays.

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Produced Regionally
  • Handmade / Made to order

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Product Specifications

Rose garden gift basket from our flowers and vinegar/balm category as well as gifts and salads

Original gifts? How much do you like giving roses? Red roses in particular bring incredible joy and happiness to the recipient. So that you don't have to give the same thing every year, we have put together a variation of our original gifts that will delight you. The rose garden gift basket from [Die Scheune Delicatessen]( is filled from our extensive range of rose delicacies. Just like in the rose garden, you will find very different flowers/delicacies and will bring great joy to the recipient. Whether it's our fine Munich balsamic vinegars or the strawberry-rose fruit spread from our award-winning jam manufacturer. With rose petal chocolate and rose truffles you will warm every woman's heart. And to allow your cooking skills to develop freely, we also have the exclusive natural aroma of Damask roses from our noble French factory.

Original gifts for a wedding anniversary, birthday or Valentine's Day will surprise every woman.

You will receive the food in a beautiful gift basket.


We display your basket together

- 2 x balsamic vinegar, 250ml
selected from the varieties rose petal balm, rose apricot balm, rose petal lavender balm
- 2 x chocolate thalers with rose petals, 30g
- 1 x rose pepper,50g
- 1x crystal salt with rose petals, 60g
- 1x rose petal mustard – medium hot, 200ml
- 1x rose herbal tea, 50g
- 1x rose candy, 150g
- 2 x a glass of spread (fruit spread, jelly or honey), 50g - 60g
selected from the following varieties: strawberry-rose fruit spread, Sylter Rose fruit spread, honey with rose oil
- 1 x natural rose aroma, 5ml

we choose from: natural aroma damask rose or natural aroma rose geranium

With these various homemade products made from roses, you can give extraordinary joy as a gift for your wedding anniversary , Mother's Day or even a birthday !

Simply using the deep symbolism of the rose, but moving away from the standard gift, you can make a big surprise. You can't go wrong with these fine German foods.

Made in Germany

INGREDIENTS: Visit our website for the individual product ingredients.

Available in:

  • EU Wide
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

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