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Kloster Kitchen

Fruit Shot Box

Fruit Shot Box

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Embrace a sustainable wellness routine with the Eco-Friendly Fruit Shot Box – a daily vitamin C boost that's gentle on the planet and perfect for all ages!

Committed to sustainability, Fruit Shot Box from Kloster Kitchen features pure organic ingredients (DE-ÖKO-006), creating a natural, perfectly flavoured, and lightly spicy ginger shot experience in premium quality, entirely free from artificial additives.

Drawing inspiration from an old monastery recipe, the sustainable manufacturing process ensures each shot contains genuine, finely chopped pieces of ginger and no sugar.

The box includes 1x 12SHOTS Fruit Shot 360 ml, 6x 1 SHOT Fruit Shot 30 ml, and a shot glass, all packaged with eco-consciousness in mind.

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Recycled / Recyclable Packaging
  • Fair & Social

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • American Vegan Society Certified,
  • Certified Organic (DE-ÖKO-006)
  • EU Organic Label

Product Specifications

Our fruit shot box makes the daily vitamin C kick, a child's play.

The fruit shot is our Fruity-sweet vegetable shine for young and old! Less spicy than our classic ginger shots, the fruit shot convinces with natural sweetness from fruit and vegetables. And without any added sugar!

An old monastery recipe was the inspiration behind what we have made possible with our own specially designed manufacturing process. Each product contains genuine, finely chopped pieces of ginger.

Pure organic ingredients (Biokontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-006) let all our products become what you want: a natural, perfectly flavoured and lightly spicy ginger shot highlight in premium quality - completely without artificial additives!

Contents (18 shots)

- 1x 12SHOTS Fruit Shot 360 ml
- 6x 1SHOT Fruit Shot 30 ml
- 1x shot glass

Available in:

  • EU Wide
  • Switzerland

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