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Purora Smoothie Bowls for ThermoTwist

Purora Smoothie Bowls for ThermoTwist

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Experience a tropical escape in a bowl! These refreshing smoothie bowls, specially developed to fit the ThermoTwist Pro are a delightful fusion of flavours.

Choose the mango, coconut mix spiced up with the invigorating essence of ginseng root, that will transport you to an exotic getaway with every spoonful. Or the delicious strawberry and acerola, improved with the medicinal mushroom Hericium to make your belly happy.

Crafted from 100% organic and vegan ingredients, these bowls from Purora are free from added sugars or preservatives, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence. Packed with valuable plant-based goodness, it’s a powerhouse of nutrients and flavour.

What's more, its long shelf life of up to 6 months without refrigeration aligns with our commitment to sustainability, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a plastic-free lifestyle.

Dive into this delightful taste of vacation, embracing nature’s goodness while energizing yourself with every spoonful, a delicious, sustainable treat that brings a refreshing and revitalizing Purora moment to your day.

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Recyclable /Compostable
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Produced Regionally

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Bio Austria
  • V-Label EU
  • EU Organic

Product Specifications

Purora gives you power!

These smoothie bowl give you new energy and tastes so wonderfully like vacation. 

- No added sugar or preservatives
- With valuable plant ingredients
- Can be stored unrefrigerated for up to 6 months

To be used with the Purora ThermóTwist which mixes and tempers meals directly in the portion glass in under 3 minutes. 

Available in:

  • Austria
  • Germany

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