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PHENOLIO Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

PHENOLIO Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

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Indulge in the Quintessence of Vitality with artgerecht's PHEN'OLIO (BIO) – A Pure, Health-Enriching Elixir!

artgerecht invites you to elevate your culinary repertoire with their award-winning PHEN'OLIO (BIO): Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, adorned with the Healthy Living award for its commitment to fostering optimal well-being.

This olive oil is a heartfelt ode to the bounties of the earth, meticulously nurtured to encapsulate a rich tapestry of polyphenols, ensuring each drop is not merely a taste sensation but a vigilant protector of your health.

PHEN'OLIO doesn't simply serve the palate; it is a sensory feast. Its flavour profile dances between the vibrant zest of fresh fruit and a bold, piquant finale – an unique experience that complements the health benefits it carries.

Choosing artgerecht's PHEN'OLIO means more than selecting an exceptional olive oil; it signifies an embrace of a wellness-centric ethos. Transform every meal into a nurturing ritual, a stride towards an existence that resonates with artgerecht's philosophy – living in true alignment with the authentic art of well-being.

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Organic
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Produced Regionally

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Certified organic (DE-ÖKO-003)

Product Specifications

Olive oil from Artgerecht with high polyphenol content
Healthy Living Award
PHEN'OLIO (BIO): Extra virgin organic olive oil

Particularly high concentration of polyphenols
Can prevent deposits on blood vessel walls
Olive oil polyphenols help protect blood lipids from oxidative stress
Light-protected centrifugation
Fresh-fruity and sharp-bitter taste

Available in:

  • EU Wide
  • Switzerland

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