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The Ultimate Kombucha Starter Kit

The Ultimate Kombucha Starter Kit

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Unleash Your Inner Brewmaster with this Kombucha Starter Kit!

We have chosen to feature the Kombucha Starter Kit by Fairment because it is ideal for anyone seeking a sustainable, self-sufficient, and health-conscious lifestyle.

This kit empowers you to craft your own kombucha, a probiotic-rich beverage known for its numerous health benefits.

By brewing your own, you reduce plastic waste and lower your carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future. Plus, the art of fermentation fosters self-sufficiency, reducing the need for store-bought alternatives.

Kombucha, with its gut-boosting probiotics and immune-boosting antioxidants, can enhance your well-being.

Embrace this eco-friendly, health-promoting journey, and discover the joys of kombucha brewing with this kit by Fairment – it's a win-win for you and the planet. 

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Durable
  • Vegan

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

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Product Specifications

You get these accessories in the Kombucha Starter Kit to get started:

1x kombucha culture
1x fairment jar 64oz with stainless steel lid (1893ml)
1x cover cloth
1x rubber
1x sugar 100 g
1x tea mix 12 g
1x guide

1. The Kombucha Mushroom (SCOBY)
The tea mushroom or SCOBY is the engine of fermentation in your Kombucha Starter Kit. He can swim on the surface or dive, both are normal. What's interesting is that a new SCOBY grows with every brewing process.

2. The fermentation vessel with fabric cover and lid. 1.9 L
Of course, our tea mushroom also needs a home where it can do its work undisturbed. There are a few things you have to pay attention to here. For optimal results, the surface should be relatively large and well ventilated. This means that flat fermentation vessels are a little better than tall ones. Glass is fine, the fungus doesn't need light, but it doesn't harm the culture to a normal extent.

3. The tea mixture
The tea is the “substrate”. The SCOBY needs and uses its ingredients for fermentation, so pay attention to this: Not all tea is the same! When we talk about tea, we mean the tea plant – camelia sinensis. Rose hips, good morning tea and mate are actually herbal infusions! They do not provide the kombucha with all the substances it needs. It is therefore advisable to always use a tea base and, if necessary, supplement it with herbs. The starter kit provides you with a black tea-green tea mixture.

4. The sugar
Sugar is the fuel for the bacteria and yeast. Through various processes, the discredited sugar ultimately becomes what makes kombucha – various organic acids. They give it its vitalizing effect and its unique taste. In general, the culture metabolizes white sugar best, but other forms of sugar also work, such as cane sugar, honey and others.

5. The recipe
Of course, there are some quantities to consider as to how much sugar and tea you should use for a delicious and beneficial kombucha. You can find out exactly how much in the manual."

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  • Germany

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