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If she must have them...50 Red Roses XXL

If she must have them...50 Red Roses XXL

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Are you looking for a breath-taking Valentine's Day gift?

While we strongly recommend a natural potted plant over cut flowers, we understand the undeniable charm that a bouquet holds for our loved ones. That's why we've scoured for the most eco-friendly cut-flower shop, and we've found it.

Blume Ideal offers bouquets directly sourced from producers, shipped in recyclable boxes to ensure freshness for seven days without excess packaging waste. Expert florists arrange the flowers, complete with care instructions and a Floralife freshener.

This XXL bouquet of 50 red roses is a real romantic gesture. Red roses, globally celebrated as symbols of love, arrive in a specially designed, eco-conscious flower shipping box from Blume Ideal which ensures their freshness while minimizing plastic use.

Whether for romantic moments, anniversaries, or special dates, this bouquet, carefully arranged by skilled florists, offers a heartfelt way to express emotions sustainably. Plus, add a personal touch with a greeting card or extra gift. Delivered straight to your door, it's a meaningful gift that echoes sustainability and heartfelt sentiment.

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Recycled / Recyclable Packaging
  • Recyclable /Compostable

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

Product Specifications

50 red roses as a token of love

Are you looking for the perfect gift to express your love or to surprise your loved one with a bouquet of flowers on Valentine's Day? This magnificent XXL rose bouquet with 50 red roses is just the thing for you. With its wonderfully scented, elegant flowers and expressive and characterful colors it will attract everyone's attention and make hearts beat faster. It's not for nothing that red roses are the most well-known and most sought-after messengers of love all over the world.

Delivered directly to your front door: There are numerous occasions to send a magnificent bouquet of red roses. Professionally prepared by our florists, you can have this XXL bouquet of roses scope of delivery

- Flower arrangement composed of fresh red roses
- Contents: 50 red roses (40-50cm length, cut)
- Attached: care instructions, freshener Floralife
- Additional gifts: Add a suitable greeting card or additional gift during the ordering process
- Extras: Special flower shipping box with water supply through a fresh bag

A fairytale symbol of true love

The rose was known as the “Queen of Flowers” in ancient times and has had a history rich in tradition ever since. For thousands of years it has stood for love, passion and purity and can also be found in numerous myths and fairy tales. Who doesn't know the famous fairy tale Sleeping Beauty? As Sleeping Beauty falls into a deep sleep, a hedge of thorny roses surrounds the castle. Only when the real prince manages to overcome the thorns can he kiss Sleeping Beauty awake. The red roses symbolize the victory of true love over thorny dangers, which is why our rose bouquet is de-thorned and nothing stands in the way of your expressions of love. And the 50 red roses also represent love without regrets. What shows more that you are interested in a future together?

Sending roses is a tradition

Whether as a romantic gesture or passionate epitome of summer, for weddings, anniversaries, annual or Valentine's Day on your desired date. And with a greeting card or a small gift you can add your own personal message.

Available in:

  • Germany

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