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Grimm's natural wooden blocks for kids

Grimm's natural wooden blocks for kids

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Unleash the boundless creativity of your little ones with Grimm's 30-piece Wooden Building Blocks from HANS NATUR.

Crafted from FSC® certified alder wood and coated with water-based paints, these hand-ground blocks are not only safe but also sweat and saliva-resistant.

Tailored for ages 1 and up, Grimm's 30-piece Wooden Building Blocks open a world of play possibilities, from basic stacking to constructing intricate landscapes.

Fuel the early sparks of imagination and discovery with these meticulously crafted, hand-made wooden blocks. 🌈🧒🏽🌟

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Resource Efficient
  • Durable
  • Pollution Reduced
  • Organic
  • Fair & Social
  • Natural Ingredients

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified
  • Gruener Knopf Certified
  • EU Organic Label
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certified (100% Controlled)

Product Specifications

## Wooden building blocks even for our little ones

The 30-piece **building block** net of **Grimm's wooden toys** makes the creative building hearts beat faster even among our little ones. An infinite number of play and construction possibilities can be perceived with the geometric **wooden building blocks**.

- 30-piece wooden toy in the net of Grimm's wooden toys
- Finely hand-ground wooden building blocks
- Wood building blocks made of FSC® certified alder wood, glazed with water-based paints
- Building blocks are sweat and saliva resistant
- Age recommendation from 1 year

### Discover children's motor skills and creativity with wooden building blocks

With about one year, children begin to build, stack and sort with wooden building blocks. With approx. 3 years ago, the Grimms wooden toys building blocks make it possible to build fences, bridges, houses and sculptures. There are no limits to children's fantasy. Imaginative structures, or even entire landscapes are built with wooden building blocks. Trying and discovering is the motto.

### Discovery of fantasy and creativity

30 classic building blocks promote the imagination and creativity of your little ones. Individually sanded by hand, there are no sharp corners and edges on the wooden building blocks. Grimm's Montessori wooden toy is treated exclusively with water-based color glazes. In this way, the surface structure of the toy made of wood remains in full. All color glazes used are tested according to the European standard EN 71 (safety for toys). Also, all Montessori wooden toys items from Grimm's wooden toys are sweat and saliva-proof.

## Details about the product

- 30 building blocks practically packed in the net
- Building blocks handmade
- European alder wood
- Wooden building blocks glazed with water-based paint
- Surface structure due to color glaze remains
- Wooden toys easy to grasp for small and large hands
- Tested according to European standard EN 71 (safety for toys)
- FSC® (100% controlled, sustainable forestry) certified
- Harmless to health and odorless
- Glazed wood sweat and saliva resistant

### Warning:

Caution! Packaging is not a toy. Remove packaging before playing. Keep the manufacturer's address.

### Notice

All paints, varnishes, oils and waxes used are tested and certified according to the European standard for toy safety EN 71. This also includes the testing for saliva and sweat fastness of the colors. The standard also assumes that staining cannot be completely prevented. Therefore, it is checked here that only substances can be triggered or rubbed from the colors that are absolutely harmless, even when swallowed and dissolved, e.g. by saliva.

Saliva and sweat-proof does not mean that the colors cannot be replaced by this, but that the pigments removed or triggered by saliva or sweat are completely harmless, even when swallowed.

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