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Rattle ball diameter 12cm

Rattle ball diameter 12cm

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Crafted with meticulous care in Germany, this 12 cm diameter baby rattle ball from Hans Natur is a tactile wonder for little explorers.

Made from pure organic cotton (kbA), it features various textures that stimulate touch and houses a delicate rattle for auditory delight.

Prioritizing safety, the organic cotton cover is toxin-tested, making it gentle on your baby's skin. The polyester high-rise cotton wool filling is suitable for allergy-prone infants.

This washable and soft Rattle ball is more than a toy; it's a comforting playmate encouraging play, learning, and cuddles.

Opt for quality and comfort for your little one with the Rattle Ball. 🌈👶🎈

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Organic
  • Durable
  • Produced Regionally
  • Pollution Reduced
  • Fair & Social
  • Natural Ingredients

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified
  • Gruener Knopf Certified
  • EU Organic Label

Product Specifications

Baby rattle for little explorers and crawlers

This **softball** stimulates your child's play instinct with its different surfaces and the integrated rattle. The sense of touch immediately wants to examine and understand the differences between fine cotton Nicki and the soft cotton terry. Every time the **baby ball** moves, a sound of the **rattle** sounds. This trains your child's attention and teaches them to make initial connections.

Rattle ball made of high-quality textiles

At a time in which toxins are already contained in the air and many objects of daily life, it is all the more important to protect our children from contact with them as much as possible. The cover of the rattle ball is made of 100 percent **organic cotton** and is tested for harmful substances. The filling is polyester high-rise cotton wool, which is also tested for harmful substances. It is also ideal for allergy sufferers. The softball is made in Germany. It has a diameter of about twelve centimeters and is washable.

Play, learn, cuddle

The super soft ball offers your child different surfaces to touch and try out. A rattle is incorporated into its interior, which makes a sound with every movement. This makes it all the more interesting for your child to roll and throw the softball to discover which sounds fit which movement. If the offspring gets tired, they can fall asleep cuddled on the baby ball and has found a good playmate.

Use of high-quality organic cotton (kbA)

The organic cotton (kbA) used for the production of the baby rattle currently meets the strictest requirements for natural fibers in organic quality. So you can be sure that no harmless substances will reach your child's skin with this rattle ball. The cover is made of cotton from purely organic cultivation. All dyes and auxiliary materials used are tested for harmful substances. This also applies to the filling of the baby ball made of polyester.

With this rattle ball, you offer your child a tactile and gripping experience.

Details about the product

- Diameter approx. 12 cm
- Outer fabric made of pure organic cotton (kbA)
- Invites you to touch and feel
- With a delicate rattle
- Organic cotton (kbA)
- Made in Germany

Hand wash

This piece of laundry can only be cleaned by hand wash in cold or lukewarm water. Please avoid temperature fluctuations of the water as well as wringing and rubbing the piece of laundry.

Textile labelling
- 100% cotton

Available in:

  • EU Wide

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