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Organic 7 Herbs Powder

Organic 7 Herbs Powder

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If you believe in the healing power of nature, you need to try this ORGANIC 7 Herbs powder, crafted following Bertrand Heidelberger's legendary original recipe. It blends Vermouth, burnet, yarrow, fennel, aniseed, caraway and juniper. Cellavita proudly prepares this unique herbal mixture, preserving its pure nature without any fillers or flowing materials.

The mixture, sourced from controlled organic cultivation, offers an easy-to-use formula. Simply place a dry measuring spoon (equivalent to 1.5g) of the herbal blend in your mouth and rinse with water or juice. As per Heidelberger's wisdom, holding the mixture in your mouth before swallowing can be beneficial.

Staying true to the tradition, Cellavita ditches plastic and replaces it with eco-conscious glass and paper packaging. The smallest size comes in elegant brown glass, while the larger size is packed in a resealable paper bag.

And a remarkable detail about Cellavita going the extra mile: the labels on these packages are removable and can be affixed to your storage containers for easy identification. is that cool or what?

Join this eco-conscious journey and welcome nature in your wellness routine with this ORGANIC 7 Herbs, a blend steeped in tradition, purity, and brought to our modern lifestyle with a commitment to sustainability!

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Produced Regionally
  • Plastic Free

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Certified Organic (DE-OEKO-006)

Product Specifications

ORGANIC 7 herbs according to Bertrand Heidelberg's original recipe

The 7-herb powder consists of a plant mixture of wormwood, beavernelle, yarrow, fennel, anise, caraway and juniper. This mixture is the result of Bertrand Heidelberger's 50 years of naturopathic experience in the 19th century. Cellavita mixes and fills the ingredients itself according to Bertrand Heidelberger's original recipe, as usual without filling & Flowing materials, pure nature.

Who was Bertrand Heidelberger?

Bertrand Heidelberger was a German plant and naturopath, born in 1845. Heidelberger became seriously ill very early on, the doctors couldn't help him, but he was close to the earth and trusting the power of nature, he found a way to heal himself.

In his opinion, a healthy and balanced diet also includes the regular intake of bitter substances. Unfortunately, the natural bitter substances have almost completely disappeared from our food, so we have to supply them specifically. The Bio-7 herbs according to Bertrand Heidelberger are ideal.


Beavernell root*, caraway*, fennel*, juniper*, anise*, yarrow*, wormwood*.

- from controlled organic cultivation

Recommended intake:

Place a dry measuring spoon (equivalent to 1.5g) of the herbal mixture in your mouth and rinse with water or juice.

Extra information:

According to Bertrand Heidelberger's lore, it can be beneficial to keep the herbal mixture in your mouth for as long as possible before swallowing it.

Why glass & Bag?

A new era began at Cellavita®, away from plastic and towards glass and paper. We are consistently switching our product range from plastic to glass and paper, and the plastic containers are gradually being replaced by more sustainable containers. We offer you the smallest size in the beautiful brown glass, the next size is the resealable paper bag.

The highlight is the concept behind the change: the labels on the refill or storage packages are so-called sandwich labels, meaning they can be removed from the bag and stuck onto any storage container. So you always know what's inside. We offer you a practical refill glass to match, you can find it here!

Available in:

  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • EU Wide

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