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Die Scheune Delikatessen

Cherry Breakfast 15 pack

Cherry Breakfast 15 pack

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Revitalize your breakfast routine with the delightful Cherry Breakfast Package from Die Scheune Delikatessen, featuring an extensive assortment of cherry fruit spreads that will add a burst of flavour to your mornings.

With a total of 15 charming 50g jars in a stylish triangular packaging, this breakfast package is a delightful surprise, with at least 10 jars dedicated to various cherry spreads and the rest as fun surprises. The award-winning "Cherry-Cola" fruit spread steals the spotlight, showcasing the perfect balance of sweetness and nostalgia in every jar.

Packed with the goodness of small-batch cooking and a commitment to quality, these spreads are reminiscent of homemade delights cooked in small pots – just like grandma used to make. With minimal sugar and an abundance of fruit, your breakfast becomes a wholesome and healthy affair.

Perfect for breakfast parties or brunches, this package promises a delightful array of flavours that elevate your morning routine. The surprise elements add an element of excitement, making it not just a thoughtful gift idea but also a treat you can enjoy every morning.

So, make your mornings extraordinary by indulging in the wholesome goodness of cherry spreads, available online for a convenient and delicious breakfast experience.

Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Handmade / Made to order
  • Produced Regionally

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • Not disclosed by seller

Product Specifications

Cherry breakfast package of 15 from our gifts category as well as breakfast>honey and breakfast>jam/fruit spread

Have a healthy breakfast with cherries? Now you have the opportunity to get to know our extensive range of cherry fruit spreads from interesting recipes. How about KiBa not for drinking, but on a sandwich? Or our delicious pineapple-sour cherry-amaretto fruit spread? The sailors among you will love the Skipper fruit spread. But the highlight is of course our award-winning cherry cola fruit spread. All of these fruit spreads are cooked in small cooking pots and taste as delicious as if grandma cooked them. With little sugar and lots of fruit, you can have a healthy breakfast.

With our cherry breakfast package from [Die Scheune]( you will receive a total of 15 x 50g jars, at least 10 of which contain cherry. The others will be surprises.

An excellent idea for breakfast parties or brunches.

Particularly worthy of mention is the award-winning fruit spread “Cherry-Cola”.

Packaged in our stylish triangular packaging, you will receive a selection of these 15 different cherry spreads:

Pineapple sour cherry Amaretto fruit spread

Strawberry sour cherry fruit spread

Cherry banana fruit spread

Cherry Cola fruit spread

Sour cherry chili fruit spread

Sour cherry fruit spread

Skipper fruit spread

Christmas fruit spread

Sylter-style fruit spread

and 6 more surprise fruit spreads

This offer is not only a nice gift idea, but you can also make yourself happy every morning! Shop online for your cherry breakfast and have a healthy breakfast.


Ingredients :

[I]( and nutritional values of our jams (we select 15 jars of cherry from our range and also other jars for filling)

Available in:

  • EU Wide
  • Switzerland
  • Norway

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