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Baby and childrens' animal slippers - Ecopell leather

Baby and childrens' animal slippers - Ecopell leather

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Embark on a journey of sustainable comfort for your baby and child with Pantolinos' leather slippers .

Crafted from premium, IVN-certified leather (Certificate No. 140434), Pantolinos' leather slippers not only nurture the healthy development of little feet but also embody a commitment to eco-conscious living.

Made in Germany with a vegetable-tanned leather sole, these slippers from Hans Natur provide the perfect balance of breathability, flexibility, and reliable support, all while reducing environmental impact.

Elevate your child's first steps with a touch of German craftsmanship and a stride towards a greener future.

Available in different models and colours. Check out the link for all variants

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Sustainability Impact Areas

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Handmade / Made to order
  • Durable
  • Produced Regionally
  • Organic
  • Fair & Social
  • Pollution Reduced

Sustainability Labels & Certificates

  • IVN-Certified Natural Leather (certificate no. 140434)
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified
  • Gruener Knopf Certified
  • EU Organic Label

Product Specifications

Pantolinos presents these adorable leather slippers for babies and children, providing an ideal foundation for learning the art of healthy walking. Crafted from high-quality, IVN-certified leather (Certificate No. 140434), these house and crawling shoes offer growing little feet everything they need for individual development: breathable comfort, flexible freedom of movement, and reliable support. All made with care in Germany.

- Vegetable-tanned leather slippers
- Chromium-free, IVN-certified leather (Certificate No. 140434)
- Slip-resistant sole
- Mimics barefoot walking
- Handmade in Germany

*Soft, Vegetable-Tanned Leather for an Optimal Walking Experience*

The supple leather adapts to each unique foot shape, providing breathability and accommodating every movement. Simultaneously, the suede sole ensures secure footing, minimizing the risk of slipping. The smooth elastic band ensures a gentle fit, securely enveloping the foot and preventing accidental slipping of the leather slippers. Made in Germany.

*Perfect for Crawling and Early Walking or Kindergarten*

Beyond their trendy appearance, these charming leather slippers offer exceptional value: promoting healthy growth and supporting daily walking progress for little feet. The high-quality leather acts as both insulating and breathable, while the excellent fit provides reliable protection without constriction.

**Product Details:**

- Elastic band in the cuff
- Excellent fit
- Particularly breathable shoes
- Naturally strengthens foot muscles
- Easy to put on and take off

Available in:

  • EU Wide

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